Virtual Monopoly Games on Online Platforms: The Future of Gaming is Here

Monopoly is easily one of the most popular games worldwide, with every household and child having played the game. But with the coming of the Internet, technology, and virtual games, this game has moved from the playrooms to online casino platforms. Of course, the concept is fairly different, and Monopoly in casinos is only available to adults. Ready to learn more about how it works? Let’s go.

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How Monopoly Live Starts Off

Online casinos have a live Monopoly tab that you can visit to play the game online. The game starts with the live host spinning the massive Monopoly money wheel. You can enter into three bonus rounds, such as the chance bonus that offers players the chance to win the multiplier bonus. You also have the 2 rolls and 4 rolls bonus that will direct you to the virtual Monopoly table. That’s where you have the chance to win big bucks. 

Live Streaming Games Have Human Hosts

Similar to the board games you’re familiar with, casino Monopoly has several variations and themes. The online versions also include exciting twists to take the content to a whole new level. You’ll have a live human host that interacts with the players via a hi-def streaming web link. As with most casino games, you can log into your account 24×7 and start playing your favorite theme. The basic objective is simple. You’re placing bets on the wheel spins for the different numerical results. 


In a way, these virtual games are very similar to Roulette, however, thanks to cutting-edge technology and 3D augmented reality, there are several other features that players are sure to enjoy. For instance, you have the dice rolls and the chance to roll again if you land a double number. You’ll also look out for multipliers to get added benefits. 

Landing on the Chance Card Position

Unlike Roulette, the Monopoly wheel has several other positions that you can bet and win on. For instance, you could land on the CHANCE card position, which is very similar to the Chance cards in the original board game. You stand to win some random cash prize or a multiplier bonus. Also, look out for Mr. Monopoly, a figure seated on the sidelines. Augmented reality makes him look very real, and he could step in to present you with the card. Features like this add that little extra zing to the virtual games and make them more enjoyable. 


As the game progresses, you could also land on the 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS positions. Landing here gives you the opportunity to compete in the main bonus game. That’s the section where you can win some of the biggest cash prizes in casino Monopoly. Triggering the main bonus game takes you to a 3D augmented reality board. You’ll move through the board but with some added audio-visual effects. The key elements are almost the same, such as Go, Jail, houses, hotels, and more. Even if players don’t qualify for the bonus round, they can observe the game unfolding. 


Casino Monopoly has transformed how players can play and enjoy the classic versions of the game. In fact, you might call these virtual games the adult versions of their childhood favorites. Here, you can bet and win real money and enjoy the slick graphics and audio-visual effects. Players can also participate in extra rounds that give them a chance to win bonuses and perks. So, go ahead and download the application from a reputable website and start playing this all-time classic–but with an exciting twist.

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